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Rebates and government initiatives for Speech Pathology Services

  • Private Health

Rebates for Speech Pathology Services may be available through your private health fund. You will need to contact your health fund provider prior to commencing the service to see what rebates you are covered for. You may not claim a Medicare rebate as well asa private health insurance rebate for the same service. You must choose which rebate you are going to claim for the service.

  • Medicare ( Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) or Complex and Chronic Conditions (CDM)

Children may be eligible for rebates under the Medicare Items for Complex and Chronic Conditions. Clients have complex care needs if they need ongoing care from a multidisciplinary team consisting of their GP and at least two other health care providers, one of which may be a speech pathologist. If you are unsure as to your child's eligibility please discuss with your GP or visit the website The current rebate is $53.80 ( as of July 2019).

  • Helping Children with Autism Package (HCWA)

Medicare rebates for specialist and allied health services are available to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of children for autism or Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD).

Up to four (4) Medicare rebate services in total are available for eligible allied health professionals, including speech pathologists, to collaborate with a referring practitioner in the diagnosis of a child ( aged under 13 years) and/or the development of a child's PDD treatment and management plan.

A further twenty (20)Medicare rebate services in total are also available for eligible allied health professionals, including speech pathologists, to provide treatment to a child ( aged under 15 years and who was under 13 years at the time of receiving their diagnosis from the specialist and the development of the PDD treatment and management plan).

The twenty (20) services are for a lifetime, and may apply across speech pathology, psychology and occupational therapy, as determined by the treatment and management plan prepared by the referring specialist.

For more information please visit

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS is an Australia wide funding scheme for people with a disability. Please see the NDIS website for more information

The Speech Language Learning Centre provides services to NDIS clients who have Plan Managed orSelf Managed Funding. Please see the links attached for further explanation of these two types of fund management.